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Basketball is not only a game of the NBA or in large halls, Basketball is also becoming more and more popular at home or at smaller clubs. The basketball stars of the NBA like LeBron James or Dirk Nowitzki attract a lot. Though it is much more important that Basketball basketball is a sport, for which you do not need a lot but which is making a great fun. In order to start, you just need a Basketball and a basketball hoop.

Basketball: fun, play, and sport

Three things at once - it works. Basketball makes fun. It is great to make some shots with the basketball hoop. It is a bit more difficult to throw the ball into the hoop. You can compete with friends or other clubs while playing basketball - just do a simple 3-point-throw competition or a tournament. The athletic aspect is visible here. Basketball demands and trains stamina, coordination, and speed at the same level. Jumping power and a muscular body are important to prevail under the hoop throughout a competition.

Just in shape with basketball

Playing basketball trains the fitness. The whole body is demanded, because it is always full of energy while playing Basketball. Throwing to the hoop trains eyes and coordination and due to a quick game structure, you improve your reaction and speed. All you need is a simple basketball and a hoop. It can be a simple basketball hoop for wall mounting or a free standing basketball hoop for beginners. Of course, we recommend top stand-alone basketball systems for players with higher requirements or aims.
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